Yamaha Sno-sport year identification

The Yamaha Sno-sport was offered for two model years, being 1990 and 1991. The two years are very similar, but the two years have different air boxes and cooling duct work for the engine.

The Sno-sport serial number is located on the outer side of the right running board tube and follows a format of 87A-000000, where the first two numbers of the serial number ARE NOT the actual year of the machine. Below we have provided a year key for both years of the Sno-sport. Match up the first three characters of your serial number with the key below to determine the year of your Sno-sport.


87B - 1990 Electcic start
87A - 1990 Kickstart only

88B - 1991 Electric start
88A - 1991 Kickstart only