Sno-scoot carburetor rebuild kit instructions:

Instructions for our Yamaha Sno-scoot carburetor rebuild kit are listed below. At any time, you can hover your cursor over the small pictures to see large versions.

Your carburetor rebuild kit includes a new pilot jet, new main jet, 2 rubber plugs, a bowl gasket, and a new needle valve assembly. To see pictures of the parts with labels, move your cursor over the picture above. If you have an original Keihn carburetor, you will have a spare rubber plug, as these carburetors came equipped with a brass plug where one of the rubber plugs would otherwise go.

Step 1:

After removing the carburetor from the snowmobile, you first have to remove the bowl. This operation only requires a 10 mm wrench.

Step 2:

After removing the carburetor bowl, the next step is to pull out the rubber plugs, if they are present under the fuel bowl. These plugs will pry out with a flat head screw driver. Under one of the plugs, you will see your pilot jet and a long brass tube. The pilot jet and main jet are labeled on the above picture on the right.

Step 3:

After removing the rubber plugs, the next step is to remove the pilot jet. The pilot jet will require a small flat head screw driver to remove.

Step 4:

After removing the pilot jet, the next step is to remove the main jet, which is also known as the slow jet. This jet requires a standard width flat head screw driver to remove.

Step 5:

After removing the main jet, the next step is to remove the float pin and float. The pin sticks out of the mounting flanges on either end, but the easiest way to remove it is to push it to the side with a flat head screw driver (to the side shown in the picture above), then pull it out the rest of the way with a set of pliers, as shown above. The float can then be removed.

Step 6:

After removing the float, the next step is to remove the needle valve assembly. This requires a 1/4" drive 10 mm socket and wrench. Depending on the design of your ratchet, you may also require an extension. When you remove the valve, it will come out as an assembly.

Step 7:

After removing the needle valve, the next step is to remove the bowl gasket. The easiest way is to pry gasket out with a small screw driver. If the gasket is dried and stuck, you may have to scrape it out.

Step 8:

After following the steps above, simply reverse procedure and install the new parts from the kit. When installing the jets or needle valve, snug them in position and make them hand tight. You will be threading soft brass into soft aluminum, so it is important not to over-torque the parts. Also, when reinstalling the float pin, be sure to insert the end that is not crimped, as some are.

If you have questions about the instructions above, please let us know. We are always available to answer your questions and will happily make changes to make our instructions more clear.